Why Quantum
Why Quantum?
   We're glad you asked.

   For years we have designed the most comprehensive ATM kiosk and surround product lines in the industry.
   During our extensive experience we've had the opportunity to observe how different companies within the industry conduct business. What we've found, is that almost all of these companies critical flaw. They try to be everything to everybody. They basically become a "Jack of all trades" but a master of none.

   Almost all of these companies produce other equipment and supplement their income by stabbing at the kiosk business. For example one of our competitors main line of business is gun safes, another's if pre fab houses, and yet another's is building maintenance equipment and whatever fabrication parts they can get their hands on.

   This type of activity creates the need for more overhead, that is passed on to you making you less effective at closing sales and also slows your product shipping time, causing major issues with your customers.

   The difference is at Quantum we believe in letting people do what they're good at. We have set up multiple strategic partners that allow us to keep our overhead low and increase the amount of volume we can pump out.

   We are so confident that you will be pleased that we are putting our money where our mouth is by giving you 5% off........our competitors pricing. We will beat any published price by 5% for a comparable product.

   Jeff Duggin
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