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Quantum Kiosks: By far the best return for your investment!
Solid steel, Modular Design: Protects you from insurance premium increases and costly repairs due to accidental damage. Simply replace parts instead of the entire kiosk. This also allows you to upgrade to newer ATMs seamlessly without major construction.

Baked on Powder Coated Finish
: Each panel is separately powder coated and baked to prevent rust and extend the life of your kiosks. This process is the most crucial step in ensuring the durability of your kiosks.

Rolled Panel Design
: Each panel is folded greatly reducing exposed edges and eliminating rust points.This common sense engineering further ensures the extended life of your kiosks.

3/16" Flooring System
: This system strengthens the kiosks and allows the ATM to be installed prior to shipment, saving billable hours in the field as well as unforeseen technical issues. It also maximizes your shipping space and reduces shipping costs.

: We employ several install crews and can aid you in your installations or do them for you. Because our employees are in the field we are constantly looking for ways to cut install costs and times. Our largest kiosks with canopies average only 2.5 hours to install.

Quantum Canopy
: Eliminate rust and deterioration! Solid Plate Aluminum Design: Quantum canopies are manufactured out of solid aluminum completely eliminating the possibility of rust altogether. Our designs are the strongest in the industry and eliminate the need for leaf covers etc.

Quantum Pivoting Canopy System
: Eliminate accidental damage!
This is a Quantum Kiosks' exclusive design. It ensures that, if hit, the canopy can spin independently from the kiosk, greatly reducing or eliminating damage to the kiosk and canopy due to accidents.

Quantum Stocked Kiosks
: Close more sales faster! We keep a large inventory of frequently ordered and blanket ordered kiosks in stock. This allows for a rapid turn-around. Every time we restock our units we implement improvements and updates so that you can feel confident that you are investing in product that is high above the industry standard.

Quantum Custom Kiosks
: Customize for your clients! 100% of our Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Powder Coating and Assembly is performed at our facilities and by our employees which gives us tremendous flexibility in producing custom units as well as in, integrating new ATM models into our designs. We are also able to design and deploy custom units in less than a month, in most cases.

Quantum Virtual Technician
: Have your kiosk pay for itself! Our "Virtual Technicians" eliminate the need for expensive service calls, at the change of seasons. Virtual Technicians" can switch from air-conditioning to heat or back to air-conditioning automatically. This can result in a savings of $200 to $1200 or more per location annually, depending on the climate and cost of service calls. It will also save energy costs and ATM damage due to overheating or freezing.

Save from $1000 up to $5000, per location!
Quantum Replacement Components: Eliminate down time and cost! All of Quantum Kiosk's electric components can be purchased on the open market eliminating down time and the cost of custom parts and shipping.
About Us
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